Staff Structure 2021/2022

SLT  - Senior Management

Lynda Thompson           

Executive Head  (Team Teach Trainer)

Jasmin Boyes

Deputy Head -  Curriculum and  Standards

Mark  Barcroft

Associate Deputy  Head - Pastoral and Vocational  Curriculum

Middle Management

Kevin  Smith

Maths/PE  Teacher & TLR 2 Data/ Team Teach  Trainer

Hayley Blane

SENDCo & TLR  Home Tuition & TLR 2

Jill Mundy       

Maths Teacher Careers/ASDAN/ BKSB  TLR 2

Mike  Scragg

Maths TLR 3 Exams

Teaching  Staff

Kerry Kirkham

Maths/PE/Home Tuition/  SEND interventions Teacher

Pervin Nadim 

Science Teacher

Joan  Johnston

English / Home Tuition

Angela Henry

Science Teacher

Gareth Shore

English Teacher

Casey  Blades

English  PSHE  Teacher

John Fraiel 

Maths Teacher

Pastoral  Support

Debbie  Smethurst

Pastoral Care and Attendance

Teaching  Assistants

Toni Grainge

Senior  Teaching Assistant  SEND /Step  Out

Carol Polhill

Senior Teaching Assistant Assessment 

Ashley  Curtis

Teaching Assistant Behaviour

Diana Silavipour

Teaching Assistant

Business  Support

Nina Bielby

Business  Manager

Madeline  Reid

Finance Business Support Officer

Zoe Hynes

Administrative Support

Niall Ruddock

Site  Manager