This is a good school where pupils thrive in the positive atmosphere.  (Ofsted 2012)

Anxiety levels fall because students feel safe being taught in small groups at the centre.  (Ofsted 2012)

If I was at my old school I don’t think I would have coped this well.  (Pupil 2013)

The teachers helped me not to stress about GCSE’s.  (Pupil 2012)

The teachers really helped build up my confidence.  (Pupil 2013)

You began to make me realise that I can become who I wanted to be, even if it seemed impossible.  (Pupil 2011) 

MES was a turning point for me, it was the point at which things started looking up, my first step to where I am now and to where I will go.  (Pupil – 6 years on at university)

 I work with both the private and public sectors , and can honestly say that your service is one of the best run I have ever come across – everyone has been professional , caring and expert.  (Parent July 2014)

The ethos of the school was welcoming and calm which made joint working more pleasant.  (Connexions Advisor 2014)